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Thursday, January 14, 2010

God's Way of Saying 'Take a Break'

I have decided to continue writing in my blog since I am free. God told me to take a break and I think I took it literally. Haha. Any way, the swell in my right leg has reduced but I still can not walk. It has been three weeks since I underwent for the internal fixation - open reduction operation to fix my broken tibia-fibula of my right leg and the recovery progress is fantastic. In fact, I will be going for an x-ray to my right leg followed by a consultation with my pathologist. I hope every thing will turn out fine. Bohoo, I miss my princess Jeannie so much. I was supposed to go to meet her in Jakarta on 24th Dec 09 but due to the accident, I will only be able to meet her most probably in early March 2010. Shit happens I guess. Aight, I'm off to Changi General Hospital. Ciao!

Thursday, January 22, 2009


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Thursday, January 08, 2009

Doubts About The Role of Majlis Ugama Islam Singapura (MUIS)


Dear MUIS,

To Whom It May Concern

Assalammualaikum. I have several questions to ask you and i hope you can answer it truthfully and promptly, insha-allah.

My first question will be about MUIS direct connection with the government of Singapore. I have done some readings and have also asked around about the relationship between MUIS and the government of Singapore. Firstly, MUIS is the only religious body in Singapore that is under the government. Correct me if I am wrong, religious councils from Christianity, Buddhism, Taoism etc are not part of the government and they have no direct funding from the authority as well. Why then Singapore's Muslim council, MUIS, is part of the government?

Would not it be unfair if only Islam gets direct support from the government i.e. MUIS is a stat board? From a logical point of view, I find it unfair. What is so special about MUIS that it is a stat board and not other religious councils?

MUIS gets monetary funding from the government and I personally think it is immoral because it looks like 'bribery'. I am unsure whether the government of Singapore has any direct control of our Fatwas an it seems so because of MUIS special position, i.e. MUIS is a stat board, and the direct funding MUIS get from the government. I need an explanation as to why MUIS is a stat board and not other religious council. Even MUIS website address has ''.

The mufti of Singapore seems to be elected by the Prime Minister, who is a non-Muslim, and not by Singapore Muslims or Singapore Muslim scholars, correct me if i am wrong. Is this democratic? It does not make any sense at all. Imagine Singaporeans voting in Malaysian Presidential Election. Will it happen? Obviously not. Malaysians vote for their President and thus Singapore Muslims or Singapore Muslim scholars should elect our Mufti and not the government. Who actually elect the Mufti in the first place? I need an explanations for this too.

The Mufti is the leader of MUIS. What about the President of MUIS? So who is the leader here? I am very puzzled by this issue. Who elected him, the President of MUIS, in the first place? Anyway, why is the President of MUIS not even an Islamic Scholar? Please provide with explanations.

The tudung issue. While Male Sikhs are allowed to wear their turbans to government schools, our Muslimahs are not allowed to wear their tudungs. As far as I know, wearing tudung for female muslims is compulsory upon reaching puberty. Tudung, or any other head dresses for female muslims, is compulsory for female muslims and it is never worn by them to show affiliation with Islam but as an act of devotion to Allah. Why then MUIS did not and have never fought for our cause in the tudung issue? Why is there double standard, i.e. Male Sikhs can wear turban to government schools and Muslimah can not ?

MUIS is supposed to safe guard our Muslims' interest and I personally feel that MUIS is not doing her job very well. Kudos to all your hard work all these while but I am still not very clear and unsatisfied about all those issues as stated in the above-mentioned paragraphs. Please clear my doubts. Thank you. Assalammualaikum.

Yours truly,
Ahmad Fathi

I really wrote this to MUIS. I think if MUIS is not doing her job properly, i am thinking of setting up an alternative and independent Islamic religious council called MAIS (Majlis Agama Islam Singapura). Haha. Just kidding..

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Sunday, January 04, 2009

Islam..Not Just A Religion..But A Way of Life

A very interesting statement.. some thing for me to ponder..

"...Sometimes we as Muslims should praise the Chinese.
Their children can still do well in their undertakings with neither high education nor paper qualifications. They either inherited the skills from their parents or from practical learning.
Many successful Chinese businessmen are masters in their respective fields without having official paper qualifications. This trait is highly regarded by Islam.
The religion urges its followers to rely on Allah and to increase their knowledge. In Surah Taha (verse 113) God says: "(Say Muhammad) Oh Lord, increase my knowledge."

... The Chinese businessmen are better managers and portray strong positive traits compared with their Malay counterparts — to the extent that many Malays have more confidence in Chinese businessmen than their own.
Where are people like Abd al-Rahman bin Auf, a Muslim role model of doing business? Maybe the Chinese, the majority of whom are non-Muslims, have a keener insight into Abd al-Rahman’s business acumen than the Malays.

.... I am inclined to think that if the Malays were NOT Muslim, there would be little else they can be proud of. If the Chinese can receive Islam in its true form, they will have much to offer."
-Mohd Asri Zainul Abidin, The Mufti of Perlis

Subahannallah.. what a journey..

Cat Stevens : How I Came To Islam

By : Cat Stevens

All I have to say is all what you know already, to confirm what you already know, the message of the Prophet (Sallallahu alaihi wa sallam) as given by God - the Religion of Truth. As human beings we are given a consciousness and a duty that has placed us at the top of creation. Man is created to be God's deputy on earth, and it is important to realize the obligation to rid ourselves of all illusions and to make our lives a preparation for the next life. Anybody who misses this chance is not likely to be given another, to be brought back again and again, because it says in Qur'an Majeed that when man is brought to account, he will say, {O Lord, send us back and give us another chance} The Lord will say, {If I send you back you will do the same}

cat stevens


I was brought up in the modern world of all the luxury and the high life of show business. I was born in a Christian home, but we know that every child is born in his original nature - it is only his parents that turn him to this or that religion. I was given this religion (Christianity) and thought this way. I was taught that God exists, but there was no direct contact with God, so we had to make contact with Him through Jesus - he was in fact the door to God. This was more or less accepted by me, but I did not swallow it all.

I looked at some of the statues of Jesus; they were just stones with no life. And when they said that God is three, I was puzzled even more but could not argue. I more or less believed it, because I had to have respect for the faith of my parents.

pop star


Gradually I became alienated from this religious upbringing. I started making music. I wanted to be a big star. All those things I saw in the films and on the media took hold of me, and perhaps I thought this was my God, the goal of making money. I had an uncle who had a beautiful car. "Well," I said, "he has it made. He has a lot of money." The people around me influenced me to think that this was it; this world was their God.

I decided then that this was the life for me; to make a lot of money, have a 'great life.' Now my examples were the pop stars. I started making songs, but deep down I had a feeling for humanity, a feeling that if I became rich I would help the needy. (It says in the Qur'an, we make a promise, but when we make something, we want to hold onto it and become greedy.)

So what happened was that I became very famous. I was still a teenager, my name and photo were splashed in all the media. They made me larger than life, so I wanted to live larger than life and the only way to do that was to be intoxicated (with liquor and drugs).

with family


After a year of financial success and 'high' living, I became very ill, contracted TB and had to be hospitalized. It was then that I started to think: What was to happen to me? Was I just a body, and my goal in life was merely to satisfy this body? I realized now that this calamity was a blessing given to me by Allah, a chance to open my eyes - "Why am I here? Why am I in bed?" - and I started looking for some of the answers. At that time there was great interest in the Eastern mysticism. I began reading, and the first thing I began to become aware of was death, and that the soul moves on; it does not stop. I felt I was taking the road to bliss and high accomplishment. I started meditating and even became a vegetarian. I now believed in 'peace and flower power,' and this was the general trend. But what I did believe in particular was that I was not just a body. This awareness came to me at the hospital.

One day when I was walking and I was caught in the rain, I began running to the shelter and then I realized, 'Wait a minute, my body is getting wet, my body is telling me I am getting wet.' This made me think of a saying that the body is like a donkey, and it has to be trained where it has to go. Otherwise, the donkey will lead you where it wants to go.

Then I realized I had a will, a God-given gift: follow the will of God. I was fascinated by the new termino- logy I was learning in the Eastern religion. By now I was fed up with Christianity. I started making music again and this time I started reflecting my own thoughts. I remember the lyric of one of my songs. It goes like this: "I wish I knew, I wish I knew what makes the Heaven, what makes the Hell. Do I get to know You in my bed or some dusty cell while others reach the big hotel?" and I knew I was on the Path.

I also wrote another song, "The Way to Find God Out." I became even more famous in the world of music. I really had a difficult time because I was getting rich and famous, and at the same time, I was sincerely searching for the Truth. Then I came to a stage where I decided that Buddhism is all right and noble, but I was not ready to leave the world. I was too attached to the world and was not prepared to become a monk and to isolate myself from society.

I tried Zen and Ching, numerology, tarot cards and astrology. I tried to look back into the Bible and could not find anything. At this time I did not know anything about Islam, and then, what I regarded as a miracle occurred. My brother had visited the mosque in Jerusalem and was greatly impressed that while on the one hand it throbbed with life (unlike the churches and synagogues which were empty), on the other hand, an atmosphere of peace and tranquillity prevailed.


When he came to London he brought back a translation of the Qur'an, which he gave to me. He did not become a Muslim, but he felt something in this religion, and thought I might find something in it also.

And when I received the book, a guidance that would explain everything to me - who I was; what was the purpose of life; what was the reality and what would be the reality; and where I came from - I realized that this was the true religion; religion not in the sense the West understands it, not the type for only your old age. In the West, whoever wishes to embrace a religion and make it his only way of life is deemed a fanatic. I was not a fanatic, I was at first confused between the body and the soul. Then I realized that the body and soul are not apart and you don't have to go to the mountain to be religious. We must follow the will of God. Then we can rise higher than the angels. The first thing I wanted to do now was to be a Muslim.

I realized that everything belongs to God, that slumber does not overtake Him. He created everything. At this point I began to lose the pride in me, because hereto I had thought the reason I was here was because of my own greatness. But I realized that I did not create myself, and the whole purpose of my being here was to submit to the teaching that has been perfected by the religion we know as Al-Islam. At this point I started discovering my faith. I felt I was a Muslim. On reading the Qur'an, I now realized that all the Prophets sent by God brought the same message. Why then were the Jews and Christians different? I know now how the Jews did not accept Jesus as the Messiah and that they had changed His Word. Even the Christians misunderstand God's Word and called Jesus the son of God. Everything made so much sense. This is the beauty of the Qur'an; it asks you to reflect and reason, and not to worship the sun or moon but the One Who has created everything. The Qur'an asks man to reflect upon the sun and moon and God's creation in general. Do you realize how different the sun is from the moon? They are at varying distances from the earth, yet appear the same size to us; at times one seems to overlap the other.

Even when many of the astronauts go to space, they see the insignificant size of the earth and vastness of space. They become very religious, because they have seen the Signs of Allah.

When I read the Qur'an further, it talked about prayer, kindness and charity. I was not a Muslim yet, but I felt that the only answer for me was the Qur'an, and God had sent it to me, and I kept it a secret. But the Qur'an also speaks on different l I began to understand it on anothlevel, where the Qur'an says, {Those who believe do not take disbelievers for friends and the believers are brothers} Thus at this point I wished to meet my Muslim brothers.


Then I decided to journey to Jerusalem (as my brother had done). At Jerusalem, I went to the mosque and sat down. A man asked me what I wanted. I told him I was a Muslim. He asked what was my name. I told him, "Stevens." He was confused. I then joined the prayer, though not so successfully. Back in London, I met a sister called Nafisa. I told her I wanted to embrace Islam and she directed me to the New Regent Mosque. This was in 1977, about one and a half years after I received the Qur'an.

Now I realized that I must get rid of my pride, get rid of Iblis, and face one direction. So on a Friday, after Jumma' I went to the Imam and declared my faith (the Kalima) at this hands. You have before you someone who had achieved fame and fortune. But guidance was something that eluded me, no matter how hard I tried, until I was shown the Qur'an. Now I realize I can get in direct contact with God, unlike Christianity or any other religion. As one Hindu lady told me, "You don't understand the Hindus. We believe in one God; we use these objects (idols) to merely concentrate." What she was saying was that in order to reach God, one has to create associates, that are idols for the purpose. But Islam removes all these barriers. The only thing that moves the believers from the disbelievers is the salat. This is the process of purification.

Finally I wish to say that everything I do is for the pleasure of Allah and pray that you gain some inspirations from my experiences. Furthermore, I would like to stress that I did not come into contact with any

Muslim before I embraced Islam. I read the Qur'an first and realized that no person is perfect. Islam is perfect, and if we imitate the conduct of the Holy Prophet (Sallallahu alaihi wa sallam) we will be successful. May Allah give us guidance to follow the path of the ummah of Muhammad (Sallallahu alaihi wa sallam). Ameen



The British singer-songwriter known as Cat Stevens has had many identities in his life: popstar, folk singer, and, most recently, Muslim activist. After a highly successful career in musicduring which he sold over 25 million albums, Stevens left public life in 1979 and took the name Yusuf Islam, becoming a devout Muslim active in cultural education causes in Britain.

Born in London in 1948 to a Swedish mother and a Greek Cypriot father, Stephen Demetri Georgiou was educated in Sweden, where he studied native songs and dances aswell as classical music. In the '60s he returned to London, where his father owned a restaurant, and entered Hammersmith College art school.Georgiou began performing guitar-based folk-pop under the name Cat Stevens, andbecame a regular in local pubs and coffeehouses. Stevens soon attracted the attention ofindependent record producer Mike Hurst, a former member of the folk-pop group the Springfields; in the summer of 1966 Stevens recorded a demo with Hurst, who shopped it around Britain and landed Stevens a deal with the new label Deram Records.

At 19 years of age Stevens released his debut album, Matthew And Son, a pop-rock record which became a hit in the U.K., the title single and "I Love My Dog"both charting in the Top 10. Stevens toured Britain as part of a bizarre package tour withJimi Hendrix and Engelbert Humperdink, and released his sophomore effort New Masters the following year. The 1967 album marked the start of Stevens' long-timecollaboration with singer/guitarist Alun Davies, but was a commercial failure. (A singlefrom New Masters, "The First Cut Is the Deepest," became a hit for Rod Stewartin the 1970s.)

Several years of wild living caught up with Stevens in 1969, when, near death,he was diagnosed with tuberculosis and spent a year in the hospital undergoing treatment.While recovering, Stevens underwent a spiritual crisis and began studying Eastern religions, practicing vegetarianism, and writing highly introspective songs. A changed man, Stevenssigned a new record deal with Island, who had just landed a U.S. distribution agreement withA&M, and began recording new material.

Stevens' first A&M release, 1970's Mona Bone Jakon, was a solid album that established Stevens' new image as a sensitive singer-songwriter. His next record, Tea for the Tillerman, was released later that same year to overwhelming success.With the hit singles "Wild World" and "Father and Son," the album became an instantfolk-pop classic and went to No. 1 in the U.S., earning gold status.

Before Tillerman Stevens had toured America several times, playing acoustic guitar as an opening act for rock bands like King Crimson and Seatrain; after TillermanStevens began headlining extravagant performances, replete with magicians and tigers, dancers and back-up singers. An unprecedented prime-time appearance on ABC's"In Concert" program cemented his status as a U.S. superstar.

1971's Teaser and the Firecat repeated Tillerman's success and contained theinternational anti-war hit "Peace Train." The album also spawned a children's book andshort film. 1972's Catch a Bull at Four was Stevens' first and only No. 1 album, and was followed the next year by the less-acclaimed The Foreigner, which wentto No. 3.

In 1973 Stevens' brother David visited Israel and, aware of his brother's fascination withreligion, returned with a copy of the Koran as a souvenir. Stevens was awed bythe book and began studying Islam. His next album, 1974's The Buddah and the Chocolate Box, reached No. 2 in the U.S. but marked the end of Stevens' most fertileperiod as a performer, his growing interest in Islam slowly eclipsing his songwriting.

1975's Numbers was an ill-fated concept album that was the first of Stevens'recordings to peak below the Top 10 in Britain. Sensing that the end was near, A&M issued a Greatest Hits collection that June.

In 1977 Stevens made a pilgrimage to Jerusalem and released the pop album Izitso,a commercial album that was decried by long-time fans as a sellout. In December of thatyear Stevens formally converted to Islam at a London mosque, taking the new nameYusuf Islam. A&M released what was to be the last Cat Stevens album, Backto Earth, in early 1978; by 1979 Stevens/Islam had married and retired from pop music.

During the 1980s Islam settled in London with his wife and five children and became very involved in the local Muslim community, founding one of Britain's topIslamic schools. Meanwhile A&M released a second "greatest hits" package in 1984(entitled Footsteps in the Dark), which included previously unreleased songs Stevens recorded for the 1971 cult movie Harold and Maude.

Yusuf Islam had nearly faded from public consciousness when in 1989 he made the infamous announcement that he supported the Ayatollah Khomeini's death sentence for Satantic Verses author Salman Rushdie. American radio stations stopped playing Cat Steven songs in protest -- WNEW in New York even gave away free copies of The Satanic Verses to listeners who turned in their old Cat Stevens records.

In 1995 Islam released his first "record" since retiring from pop music, a two-CD set calledThe Life of the Last Prophet which features one disc of Muslim chanting andanother disc of Yusuf Islam reading a 66-minute biography of Muhammad. Though it was ignored in the West, the double-album reached No. 1 in Turkey and was a hit in most of the Muslim world, where it was lauded by critics.

In 1997 Yusuf Islam announced that he is working on an album of Bosnian songs and poems,including a new song Islam wrote about Muslim children killed in the Balkan wars.

All these made me ponder.. what have i done so far to become a true and pious Muslim? Little. I almost cried reading all these articles.. all these while, i've been too engrossed with the materialistic world.. my New Year resolution: to be a pious Muslim that not only serves God but my country, race and religion. Astharfirullah halazim.. i didn't know up till now that i'm drifting away.. there's so much to learn.. knowledge is power.. Allah-huakhbar..

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Saturday, January 03, 2009

World Peace

Dear Ignorant Homo-sapiens,

Let me get this straight to you. You do not know the actual cause of the Palestinian-Israelis conflict and yet you have the cheek to give irresponsible and stupid comments. Please do some research first before you haphazardly pen down any stupid comments. Those comments tell us a great volume about you stupidity and ignorance. Please do not disgrace your family's name.

Let me explain the fact to you as a neutral party. According to Torah, the Bible and the Quran, hell even mediocre history books, God Al-mighty ousted the sons of Israel from Jerusalem because the Jews did what God forbids and they killed many messengers of God that were sent to them. The Jews angered the God. God promised the Jews that they could return to Jerusalem if only they repent. Upon hearing this, the Jews treated Jerusalem as 'the Promised Land' and they too hope they could return one day. The Jews began to live all over the world except Jerusalem.

During the absence of the Jews in Jerusalem, the population of Arabs, who once lived with the Jews there, grew as a result of increasing birth rate and also due to the influx of Arabs from neighbouring countries. Slowly, they made Jerusalem their home and as they expanded their territory, they eventually named the place Palestine. Now, you can see that the land now belongs to the Arabs.

As in my previous post, i have told you that if some one got evicted from a house due to consistent non-payments, the subsequent family who bought that house has the right to call that house theirs and legally that house belong to them too. Thus, same goes to the Palestinians. After the Jews were evicted from Jerusalem, the Arabs took over and thus, Jerusalem belong to them (the Arabs). Yes, God promised the Jews that they can return to Jerusalem one day but did he mention that they can own it once they return? No. Period.

After World War 2, the Jews returned to Jerusalem with the help of the British. The Arab Palestinians welcomed them with open arms because they have always treated the Jews as brothers and sisters. The Jews came in dozens and they settled without any problem. As time passed by, they decided that they have to claim what is theirs and that is Palestine because according to them, God had promised them Palestine. Thus, during the uprising of the Zionists, the State of Israel was born.

Therefore, I can bravely say that the Jews actually robbed Palestine from the Palestinians. Thus, Palestinians have the right to defend what is theirs.

Yours truly,
Ahmad Fathi (King Crippler)

My Personal Notion:
The Israelis have long enough humiliated, tortured and oppressed the Muslims as well as Christians in West Bank as well as Gaza. It is about time that we put a stop to their atrocities. Have they got no shame to call that land theirs? Have they got no shame to slay Palestinians, the rightful owners of Palestine?

I admire Malaysia and Indonesia for not recognising Israel as a country. There are also other countries that do not recognise Israel as a country. However, what I am dissatisfied with is the 'Silence' the Arab Leaders are showing. What the fuck? Our Muslim brothers and sisters in Palestine are suffering and what do they do? Those who can help but do not help will be punished by God in the hereafter. Another thing that I am not happy about is the branding of Hamas as terrorist group. Al-Qaeda is a terrorist group. Yes! Jemaah Islamia is a terrorist group. Yes. Laskar-e-Taiba (LeT) is a terrorist group. Yes! Hamas a terrorist group? No. Period. Even though Hamas is not a terrorist group, i still do not agree with their military tactics in defending themselves. It is never right to kill innocent Israelis with rocket onslaught. It is also never right to destroy Israelis' public property (non military facilities and properties). Those who did so and go against the teaching of the prophet will be severely punish in the hereafter.

Singapore is a staunch supporter of Israel and this should not be the case. Why support Israel the war monger and land stealer? Singapore is a country that practices democracy, equity (not equality because there is no such thing as equality in this real world) and fairness but how could we possibly support Israel? Does not this sound like contradiction? What have our leaders done so far to practice what they preach? They should actually lead by example. You must not just talk the talk but you must also walk the walk. We are actually a country that is selfish. Democracy, Peace, Progress, Justice and Equality. Have we actually achieve all of our nation's ideals? No.

Our leaders are hypocrites. I am not writing this in just in the context of the Palestine-Israel issue but also other issues. Our leaders advocate One-China Policy but at the same time they support Taiwan too. Our leaders preach Peace but they support Israel. Our leaders preach equality but they should know better that there is no such thing as equality is this real world but equity. Why do we put ourselves in ironic situation? So that we can get the best out of both beliefs and support? Because we are afraid of Israel and U.S. because our economy depends heavily on their backings? If this is the case, then we are not standing on our own two feet. We should be afraid of God and not human beings.

Singapore has much to offer to the world. Living in Singapore for 22 years or so, i believe Singaporeans are matured enough to stand on our two feet. Singaporeans are actually wonderful people. We must stand up to protect the weak, the oppressed, the helpless etc. We must never sit on the fence when it comes to the issue of democracy, peace, progress, justice and equity. Life is not so much on economic prowess and progress. We must not do things just for our economic benefits because there is more to life than just money. Happiness is never solely gauged on the amount of money we have. It is always based on whether we can can live life the way we want it to be and achieve goals that we set. Life is amazing i tell you.

We must not be victims of our own success. Me must get away from our as-long-as-we-have-food-and-money attitude. If we remain stubborn, arrogant and ignorant, our neighbouring countries will be irritated and i am sure we would not want wars with any countries. Stand up Singaporeans. Be counted. Show the world who we really are. Stand on our two feet.

Do not get me wrong. I am never against our government but it is just that I am ashamed to have a government that some times contradict themselves. Kudos to them for bringing peace and wealth to Singapore. But what are wealth and peace if we can not live life the way we want it to be? We need a balance in life. Singapore needs a change and we are definitely ready for it. Majulah Singapura! Insha-allah.

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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

M I S S I O N : P A L E S T I N I A N F R E E D O M

I recently read an article in one of the news website and i am very angry that the Israel has published a page on YouTube to flaunt their military atrocities. Who do they think they are? I sent them a mail via their YouTube page. See below for what i wrote to them

I will give you a scenario.

You are living in a house with your family. Suddenly, you lost your job due to recession. You couldn't afford to pay the house rent for 3 months to the government and you and your family were finally evicted by the government. Same goes to Israel-Palestine conflict. You and your family = Jews. House = Palestine land. Government = God.

According to Torah, Bible and Quran, the Jews were ousted from Palestine by God himself due to your stubbornness in not following God's instructions as well as killing messengers being sent to you. He said that you can return to the "Promised Land" once you repent. Back to the scenario. After you left, a family lawfully and officially bought over the house from the government and they lived there ever since. All sane human beings will say that if you return to the house and displace the current family physically and forcefully, you are actually doing the act of 'robbery'. The house is no longer yours because the current has bought it. Yes, the government promised that you may return but did he say that you can own the house? No. Period. Now back to reality. God promised the Jews that they may return to the 'Promised Land' but did he mention the Jews can own it? No. Period. Because God almighty is very smart. He knows for sure that there will be people who will settle in that vacant land and settle in the Palestinians did. They called it their land because they occupied it after you were ousted. Thus, that land belongs to the Palestinians. You came back and the Palestinians welcomed you because they treat you like brothers. Now you murder the Palestinians? Is this an act of revenge to avenge the victims of the holocaust to show the world that the Jews is the best?

This conflict will never get resolved unless the Jews return what belongs to the Palestinians. If you don't, the war will get bloodier. Even the Orthodox Jews in West Bank oppose the actions and movements of the state of Israel. You Jews have long enough humiliated, tortured and murdered Christians and Muslims in Palestine. We will never bow to you! God will give us the strength to uphold justice and the truth will prevail. Insha-allah. You tricked and confused the Arabs and managed to disunite them but you Jews will never ever be able to do the same things to us Asian Muslims.

Yours truly,
Ahmad Fathi
+65 91465080 (call me if you dare)

P.S..Do not get me wrong. I'm not a racist. If i am a racist, i wouldn't have a Catholic girlfriend from Indonesia. Not all Jews are evil but there are some who misuse their power. Same goes to the Muslims. Only a small minority of Muslims are evil and they are the true terrorist that belong to hell. I urge the terrorists that if you are seeking true jihad, West Bank and Gaza strip are the true Jihad. Go there if you are brave. Do not kill innocent people any where else. It is haram. You should know better. In this torrid time, i urge my fellow Muslim brothers and sisters do what ever it takes to aid our suffering Palestinians brothers and sisters (both Muslims and Christians). God will ask you in the hereafter what were you doing when there are those suffering. If you aren't able to help, that's fair. Those who are able to help but refuse to help shall be punished by God in the hereafter.

M I S S I O N : P A L E S T I N I A N F R E E D O M
(God Are With Those Who Are Brave & Courageous In The Name Of Truth)

I wish to go to Gaza and West Bank to help the weak, the oppressed, the poor, the powerless, the old and the helpless ...

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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Back Again

It was just a misunderstanding. I didn't know i was so foolish. She was very understanding and i appreciate it. I apologised and she too apologised. I'm glad we're back together. I promise never to leave her again. I just can't live without her.

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Change We Need. Singaporeans Are Ready.

We separated. Our own ways this time around. I am disappointed with her. She loves drinking. I do not understand people who loves to drink. I care about her but she do not even care for her own health. I went to Jakarta hoping to meet her but she got too drunk and did not even turn up. Only God knows how i felt that night. She called the next day and apologised and i pardoned her. We met up eventually. But i still do love her. In Singapore, we agreed to call each other at night (usually every Friday) but she would get drunk instead. Didn't answer my call because she was afraid that i would know that she was drunk. I knew she was drunk. She apologised and i pardoned her again. History repeated itself thrice. The decision to split up i made is the best for the both of us. Neither party will suffer this way. Hope she changes for the better. No matter what, i still love her. If only our paths meet again someday.. I am missing her already.

Been working with AETOS again. Low pay but i don't mind. Quit university already. I have no faith left in Singapore's education system. Fucked up system devised by nerds from PAP. We are actually victims of our own success. Stupid! I want to set-up my own company. Self-employed. So university education is not practical. Anyway, i feel so cheated by UniSIM. Money-mongering university. I will take up either international diploma in business by Cambridge University or Business Set-up Course by It's The End (ITE). Wakaka. Two business projects of mine. Open a mini cafe selling authentic and rare food (including Satay Padang and Madura) to collect enough capital for my mega project that is a-secret-that-i-won't-reveal-to-you. Going to Batam in December or November to learn how to cook Satay Padang and Madura. I have been searching for a good spot to sell satay and i find Arab Street, particularly Baghdad Street near Kampung Glam Cafe, to be the best. Hope some thing works out if not i'm doomed. Oh i love challenges!

Weight lifting training is interesting. Started training with one of Singapore's Weight Lifting coaches at Yio Chu Kang gym. So far so good. Been pumping iron since last week. My weight dropped from 89kg to 84kg. Bravo! My target for snatch is 185kg and for Clean & Jerk is 205kg. Main target: Olympic Gold Medal. Bisa donk! Insha-allah.

My Wish List
> Become a better Muslim
> Be able to read, understand and memorise the Holy Quran
> master Arabic Language
> To meet Veronica Jeanieta Raturosari again
> Olympic Gold Medal
> S$1,000,000
> Learn and master the guitar
> Compose my own songs
> Successful satay business
> mega project.. Mission: Mortal Kombat
> Harley Davidson's Cross Bones
> Honda XR400
> Class 2A Riding License
> Class 2B Riding License
> Class 3 Driving License
> Class 4 Driving License
> Class 5 Driving License
> Ford Mustang GT Cobra
> A pretty, nice, loyal and faithful wife
> 5 children
> Become the President of the Republic of Singapore
> Canon's professional digital camera
> A big and beautiful house in Puncak, Bogor
> A property in Jakarta
> A nice villa by the beach in Singapore
> Go to Heaven
> Any good mp3 or mp4 player that has a speaker
> To see PAP crumble when i am alive
> Quit smoking
> Master Boyanese Language
> Master French Language
> Master Latin
> A degree just to show those mother fuckers what's the big deal about degree
> Eradicate corruption (both obvious and subtle form of corruptions) in Singapore
> Build the most beautiful mosque in the world in Singapore
> Perform the hajj
> See Israel disappear from the world map
> World Peace
> giving free education to unfortunate children in Singapore
> privatise Temasek Holdings
> build a bridge linking Singapore and Batam (ah peks and pak ciks confirm fucking happy)
> meet Aullia Citra Binangkhit

Well, live life to the fullest and live life the way you want it to be in order to die peacefully.

Oh by the way, change is inevitable and possible in Singapore. Look at America. Obama: First black president of US. Look at Malaysia. Anwar: will take over and revamp "the system" corrupted by the BN-led government. Nothing is impossible. And who ever says that Singaporeans are not ready? Open your eyes. You do not need a leader to be a scholar or a degree holder. All you need is a competent leader who knows what heart landers feel. He must be able to lead a group full of policy and decision makers. I'm sure you do not want your country to be ruled by nerdy scholars..wakaka..if you let a truthful and competent man lead a country, he will lead it faithfully..but if you let a too smart man lead a country, he will outsmart you..don't tell me i didn't warn you..i wonder what is the next song after 'My Hum'..


Thursday, September 11, 2008

Always There

Always There

When the world seems bleak
And my life is falling apart
When I almost give all up
I listen to my heart.

I listen to its beats
In them I hear your name
Every sound is encouragement
Even though they are the same.

Some times I feel like crying
And I too pondered about quitting
But the thought of you
Keeps my spirit fighting.

Every supplication
Every day
I whispered to Him
To show me the way.

In this lonely time
And on rocky bay
He gives me the strength
And you make my day.

I thank Him for everything
Without him I am nothing
I thank you for being there
Every time I am in despair.

Created by: Ahmad Fathi
Date: 11th September 2008

Friday, September 05, 2008

Throwing My Degree

I've finally made up my mind. I am going to discontinue my degree classes at UniSIM. I have consulted quite a few of my former colleagues and friends and have only made my decision after weighing both the pros and cons as well as doing some risk assessments. My final decision: quit while i can. Wakaka. I am sick and tired of listening to people already. I went to college because of my mom. I went to university because of both my parents and interest. Thus, from this day on, i will do what i love. Do not get me wrong as i really have interest in pursuing a degree but i found out that degree is too long of a wait, very expensive and most of the contents are crap. Let me elaborate more on the contents. Firstly, i want to set up a business of my own. Thus, as you would guess it, i would require basic and sound business knowledge. Yes, they are being offered at universities but so too are crappy modules that intend to eat your money up. Why am i wasting three to four years of my life studying for something that is too long to get, too expensive and full of crap modules and subjects that has nothing to do with setting up a business firm. Oh well, the educated ones will argue that university education structure is such that they guide you on how to be a 'complete' player. Why do not they admit that they need such degree certificates because this fucking nation is a certificate chasing country? Their notion: only those with at least a degree certificate can survive comfortably in Singapore. Yadda yadda yadda. I will prove that notion wrong one day, insha-allah. I feel so sorry for Singapore's education system. We are actually victims of our own success and the sad thing is, neither do we see it coming nor have we done any thing to rectify it. This education system is only catered to the sons and daughters of the elites because there is no such thing as level playing field in Singapore. Once you are poor, that is it for you. C'mon, if you guys do not believe me, do a survey on our education system, top schools, lousy schools, who have gotten the President's Scholarship so far and etc. I am smirking at the moment. Wakaka. So much for meritocracy and democracy. Hmmph. Anyway, lets deviate a little bit. So far for my 1st semester at UniSIM, ever thing is fine. I scored well for my first quiz, group based assignment and Effective Communication's (which is a replica of General Paper which i took in college) assignment. Then why quit? Stress? No time to study? Ok, let me be frank here. It is not stressful at all. My friend once told me that it is really difficult to fail in university and it is really true. GCE 'A' Level was hell but university is heaven and this is true. Then why do you still want to quit Fathi? I have my principles and beliefs that i have to adhere to and i will not change my stand and beliefs even a bit. Then what is your next plan Fathi? I have done some readings and found out that some private institutions do offer good packages for diplomas especially MDIS and Jamiyah Business School (JBS). However, i fancy the diploma course being offered by JBS. The course is straight forward, no frills, no crap modules, inexpensive and its duration is very short (10-12 months). After school, most probably i will be working first to earn some money for my business capital. Finally, all out attack on business. My main project: the Lion's Lair. You guys will soon find out. Discarding degree is really difficult and the decisions that i have made is not easy. People usually do not make the right decisions. But what the hell?! What is a right for one may be a wrong for others. This is my suggestion: live life the way you want it and do what you are passionate in. By doing so, at the end of the day, you will die smirking and having the final giggle. At least you can tell yourself i died not in a stressful manner and i enjoyed my life. Wakaka. What ever it is, i will not turn around and regret later. This is my final decision.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Live Life To The Fullest

Live Life To The Fullest

Life is not all about success
But how you use failure to succeed.
Life is not totally about winning
But how you fight back after losing.
Life is meaningless
But you have to define it.
Life is colourless
But you have to paint it.
Life is not always about being loved
But about loving.
Life is never an accident
But a gift from God.

Created by:
Ahmad 'King Crippler' Fathi
4th September 2008

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


I really don't know what to do already. My life is in a mess. Firstly, i am in a dire financial situation. Lastly, my studies are going no where. I feel like calling it a quit. I want to work first and be financially stable and then resume study again next year at UniSIM but as full time student. Life's so fucked up for me. Some times i feel like breaking down but my spirit tells me to hang on. I have just quit my part time job just now as a field surveyor. I seriously can not work with supervisors who are hypocrites and unprofessional. I feel like migrating too. Life here is not conducive for living especially if you want to live a comfortable life. In addition to that, it is expensive and not suitable to start a family here. I am not a quitter but some times in life, you have to make decision. If the situation is not in your favour, follow the prophet's advice. He encourages you to migrate and move on. Fight for your bowl of rice else where. There's nothing wrong with it. He even encourage us to do business. God bless him forever. I miss Jeanie so much but what can i do? She is so far away. I called her the other day during lunch time and she was so happy to hear my voice. She said that her mom questioned her why i have not been calling her and she answered by saying that maybe i am busy at the moment. Oh boy. I must get her mom's blessing first and also my mom's. Haha. Veronica Jeanieta Raturosari. That name keeps reverberating in my mind. Oh boy, i am so hopeless when in love. Wakaka! Anyway, Cik Slemat called me just now persuading me to play rugby again and join the current Police Rugby squad for the upcoming league in September. I told him that i am in no shape to play rugby again but he insisted and he said he will push me for my fitness. What can i do? I have to repay his kindness after what he had done for me all these while. I will be starting training next week. All for you Cik Slemat. Hell, the league will be in fasting month. Oh boy! Today marks my 1 year after passing my 2B traffic police test and i can discard the P-plate. Hehe. Thinking of taking up 2A but not at the moment due to the financial crisis. I have already four bike in mind. Honda XR400, Suzuki DRZ400, Honda Fireblade and Royal Enfield Bullet Machismo. Wohoho. I will most probably get Honda XR400 as a utility bike and i love scrambler. Oh well, i will be going to UniSIM tomorrow for deferment and i hope they allow such move but i need to discuss with my dad first and that is the hardest part. How can you expect your son to be close to you when you 'iron fist-ed' him when he was small. Of course the respect for him is there but so too is the trauma. Haha. But i must thank him too for being tough and strict with me because if it wasn't for him, i might be soft today. Aight..gotta go..

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Happy Belated National Day Singapore

I am really fed up with the current situation in Singapore.

Firstly, we can see that some 'fishy' and 'funny' activities are happening in the government but no body can do any thing about it. I am really saddened with this fact. Why hasn't the CPIB move in to probe and scrutinise the government and the Lee Empire? Of course, CPIB was created by LKY himself.

Another example is the creation of the Minister Mentor (MM) post. If you are being selected to be Singapore's Prime Minister (PM), it means that you are the most capable and eligible person to lead the country but what perplexes me is that the PM himself is not confident to lead us and this can be seen when he created the Minister Mentor post for his father. Why do you still need a mentor to monitor and guide you when you are already the PM? Isn't Senior Prime Minister (SPM) enough to be a mentor to the PM? Even great countries like the United States of America, England, India, bla, bla bla do not have the post MM in their government.

The Lee Empire is actually afraid of the minorities because if you have a large group of minorities, it can swing votes in the General Election (GE). That is why they are so concerned about the birth rate of the Chinese. If you compare each race’s birth rate, the Chinese population has the lowest birth rate and this bedevils the Empire. How are they going to win GEs if they do not have a large base of Chinese Singaporean supporters? LKY and LHL think that the Chinese people usually vote for people of their own race and this is only true decades ago. This is human tendency. We usually prefer or favour people from our own race or ethnicity. However, people are more educated nowadays especially the X and Y generations who are inculcated with Western values. We tend to be more pragmatic, democratic and we advocate human rights.

Don't you worry about the supposed 'declining birth rate, graying population, ageing workforce or what ever you call it’ because the government has devised policies called 'The Foreign Talent Policy' and 'Fuck More to Make More Babies and Get More Money'. The first policy aims at boosting and strengthening the ageing workforce and improving the quality of our workforce. Bring in foreign talents and you will get results, and so they thought. The second policy, I can't remember the actual name of that policy (sorry!!), aims at combating the declining birth rate of Singapore and indirectly contributing to the quest of combating ageing workforce and bla bla bla.

From my stand, I believe the government are actually bringing in foreigners, especially those from China, to upset the population here (they are actually boosting the Chinese population in Singapore) in order to gain votes for the GE. My question is simple. If you deny trying to boost the Chinese population here, why import most foreign talents from China? They are cheap? Then why not import foreign talents from third world countries like Ethiopia (who are actually cheaper) or foreign talents from our neighbouring countries (who are equally educated and highly skilled as the Chinese from China but still way cheaper)? Why don’t hire Indonesians, Bruneians and Malaysians? Because most of these people are Malays? Well, they will say that Chinese foreign talents are better educated and highly skilled as compared to others. Ok, highly educated in what? Communist study? The government actually has faith in China’s (who is a communist country) education system. So you guys actually need cheap educated and highly skilled foreign talents to become taxi drivers, bus drivers, waiters and waitresses, construction workers etc. Did you correctly apply the Ability-job Fit theory that you learn in Organisational Behaviour? If you do not believe me, take a look for yourselves. So many PRCs in Singapore becoming coffee shop helpers, taxi drivers and etc.

In papers, this policy is supposed to boost the declining population in Singapore but personally I think they have some other sinister motives. Their motive is basically to boost the Chinese population here for votes. I have heard some of my Chinese friends who are actually fed up with the ‘Foreign Talent’ policy. Singaporeans are actually losing out in terms of jobs. In this case, it is the financially poor and lower middle class Singaporeans who are actually suffering because they have to compete with so many Chinese from China for the lowly skilled and moderately skilled jobs. Obviously the educated foreign talents have hard times finding good jobs here in Singapore because of their ‘Engrish’.

Over 1 million people are actually foreigners in Singapore. 1,000,000 (foreigners) x S$1 = S$ 1,000,000. Imagine each foreigners forking out S$1 every month to be sent to their families, friends, parents, vixens, concubines etc back in their homeland. Singapore could potentially lose S$1m every month but hey, that figure is just an estimate sum. I am pretty sure most foreigners send back home more than S$1 per month. How much Singapore currency are we losing per month? This is vey detrimental to Singapore’s economy and foreign exchange. Oh yeah, I have not include pak ciks and ah peks who send their CPF money to Batam (wakakakikikuku).

The government likes to sue people who defame them or make wild allegations without proofs.

“ SINGAPORE -- The Singapore opposition would ruin the wealthy city-state's achievements in five years if they ever gained power, the country's founding father Lee Kuan Yew said.
Lee, 84, warned Singapore voters against putting the opposition at the helm of government "in a moment of fickleness or just sheer madness" when they get "bored" at some point in the future.
Should this happen, "I think all bets are off because in five years they (opposition) can ruin this place," he told delegates at an international forum late Wednesday. ”

Excerpt taken from the China Post, Friday, June 27, 2008,

So what is he trying to say from the excerpt? He is actually defaming the opposition parties stating that they are incompetent in leading Singapore. Does the old man have any proof to back his statement? No. Obviously not because he have no idea of the oppositions’ potential. So, technically the opposition party can sue him. Errr, I think they can but I do not know whether they can win. Haha. LKY is invincible.

If the next sources are true, then LKY is a racist. I do not know whether it is true but as far as I am concern, I am a neutral party because I do not know the credibility of such video clips and further more, I have no proof that he made that speech.

Oh, low-rev engine eh. Sekarang orang dah pakai turbo charge ah sial. Ok, kau nak main racist eh. Macam gini mat-mat Melayu kena kahwin perempuan cina ah. Makin banyak orang kacukan, makin susah ah LKY nak kutuk Melayu.

"I started off believing all men were equal. I now know that's the most unlikely thing ever to have been, because millions of years have passed over evolution, people have scattered across the face of this earth, been isolated from each other, developed independently, had different intermixtures between races, peoples, climates, soils... I didn't start off with that knowledge. But by observation, reading, watching, arguing, asking, that is the conclusion I've come to." - Lee Kuan Yew, The Man & His Ideas, 1997

"The Bell curve is a fact of life. The blacks on average score 85 per cent on IQ and it is accurate, nothing to do with culture. The whites score on average 100. Asians score more ... the Bell curve authors put it at least 10 points higher. These are realities that, if you do not accept, will lead to frustration because you will be spending money on wrong assumptions and the results cannot follow." - Lee Kuan Yew, The Man & His Ideas, 1997

"Let us not deceive ourselves: our talent profile is nowhere near that of, say, the Jews or the Japanese in America. The exceptional number of Nobel Prize winners who are Jews is no accident. It is also no accident that a high percentage, sometimes 50%, of faculty members in the top American universities on both the east and west coasts are Jews. And the number of high calibre Japanese academics, professionals, and business executives is out of all proportion to the percentage of Japanese in the total American population." – 1982

"If, for instance, you put in a Malay officer who's very religious and who has family ties in Malaysia in charge of a machine gun unit, that's a very tricky business. We've got to know his background... I'm saying these things because they are real, and if I don't think that, and I think even if today the Prime Minister doesn't think carefully about this, we could have a tragedy." - SM Lee Kuan Yew, Straits Times, September 19, 1999 on Malays in the Singapore Armed Forces
Ahh, finally he admitted that he is racist. He explained why he is a racist. Oh, just say publicly lah that you do not trust the Malays. Aiyoh, so long winded! Those are racist statements. Even if the issues regarding races might be true, you have no right to say it to the public in that manner. It shows that you are racist and you are proud of becoming one.

LKY seems to be violent. He hinted that he likes to fight.
"Supposing Catherine Lim was writing about me and not the prime minister...She would not dare, right? Because my posture, my response has been such that nobody doubts that if you take me on, I will put on knuckle-dusters and catch you in a cul de sac...Anybody who decides to take me on needs to put on knuckle dusters. If you think you can hurt me more than I can hurt you, try. There is no other way you can govern a Chinese society." - SM Lee Kuan Yew, The Man and His Ideas, 1997
Err, is he dumb or what? Knuckle duster are chartered weapons and they are illegal in Singapore.

"If I have to shoot 200,000 students to save China from another 100 years of disorder, so be it." - Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew evoking the ghost of Deng Xiaoping whilst endorsing the Tiananmen Square massacre, Straits Times, Aug 17, 2004
Wah kau eh. I am still a student. How? Will he shoot me? Ah well..

"Put it this way. As long as Jeyaretnam [Workers' Party leader] stands for what he stands for -- a thoroughly destructive force -- we will knock him. There are two ways of playing this. One, a you attack the policies; two, you attack the system. Jeyaretnam was attacking the system, he brought the Chief Justice into it. If I want to fix you, do I need the Chief Justice to fix you? Everybody knows that in my bag I have a hatchet, and a very sharp one. You take me on, I take my hatchet, we meet in the cul-de-sac. That's the way I had to survive in the past. That's the way the communists tackled me. He brought the Chief Justice into the political arena." - SM Lee Kuan Yew, The Man & His Ideas, 1997

Want to fight again? Tak padan tua. Why would you fight with a hatchet which is not readily and easily available in Singapore? Why don’t you just fight with bare fists or a Tiger Beer bottle? Senangkan?!
And lastly, he’s a hypocrite too.

"When I call a man openly, you're a liar, you're dishonest, and you do not dare to sue me, there's something basically wrong. And I will repeat it anywhere and you can't go and say, oh, I have apologised; let's move on. Can you commit a dishonourable -- maybe even one which is against the law -- an illegal act and say, let's move on because I've apologised? You may move on but you're going to move on out of politics in time." -- MM Lee Kuan Yew on James Gomez, Channelnewsasia, May 2006

Remember Mas Selamat incident? Wong Kang Seng just apologised and he moved on didn’t he? Haha. He’s still in-charge of MHA.
"Low salaries will draw in the hypocrites who sweet talk their way into power in the name of public service, but once in charge will show their true colour, and ruin the country." - 2007, on Minister's Pay

Haha. It should be this way,” High salaries will also draw in the hypocrites who sweet talk their way into power ni the name of public service…”
I know that most of his quotes are analogies but his choice of words and situation discomfort me. He seems to have a violent tendency. Fight here and fight there.

So you voters out there, you know what to do now. Do not waste you suffrage. Vote wisely in the next GE. Look at Malaysia. They are in a phase of a change and it is in the positive light. A change is possible and our country needs a fresh make-over, a change to be precise. Whoever says people in the PAP are the cream of the crop? Nonsense. They are arrogant. Ofcourse there are others out there that are better than them. Do not believe what is not proven.

"Please do not assume that you can change governments. Young people don't understand this" -- MM Lee Kuan Yew on the results of the 2006 election

Yeah like real. Damn arrogant. Wakaka.


Wait, Hope and Pray

Wait, Hope and Pray

There is a rainbow in the sky
In it pristine beauty i see
Amidst it birds fly high
Above the majestic blue sea.

The colours come after the rain
Accompanied by the glory light
Watching it alleviates the pain
Which i have to fight inside

The pain of missing you
Is so much to take
But i have to endure it
Just for your sake.

Those beauties never forever there
They come and soon disappear
I wish you were with me here
Watching them without any fear.

If they decide not to reappear
Forever gone out of sight
At least i know i have you here
Forever, day or night.

For now i can only say,
Wait, hope and pray
That God grants us the day
We finally meet and stay.

Created by Ahmad Fathi on 10th August 2008, 0050hr.
Dedicated to VJR.

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Thursday, July 31, 2008

God, Please Bless My Life..

I know i have been naughty but i am trying to improve but life's just so difficult for me. I am trying to hold on but deep inside, i feel like cracking. First term of university had just started but i am already feeling the stress. Now i know it is awfully difficult to handle both work and academics at the same time. I am working part-time at the moment at Science Center as an Exhibition Guide but i really do not see a point in working. Firstly, i am all taxed up with work and really have no time to mug. This job is really shit as i have to work from 9am to 6.30pm and the pay is mediocre. It is really tiring to mug after work because it is so lethargic. And my self-discipline is so lousy. If i know i will be in this shit, you would ask why then work? Hell, i have to pay my bills: outstanding hand phone bills (S$93), outstanding motorbike installment payments (2 months worth of S$280), renewal of motorbike insurance (S$450) and the bedeviling fines (S$50 for illegal parking and S$200 for littering). Do you think i have a choice? I need to work to pay for all those fucking debts. In addition to that, i need S$60 per month for bike petrol, S$30 per month for bike servicing, S$50 per month for hand phone bills, S$140 per month for bike installment payment and S$60 per month for fags. I am really in dire situation and i need help instantly. How i wish i was from a rich family but at least i am proud of my dad because he is trying his best to fork out S$3,000 to pay for my university fee per semester. I am trying my utmost best not to disappoint anyone but it is do damn fucking difficult due to my financial problems. How can i solve it? My classes are at night and i only have to go to campus on Tuesday, Friday and sometimes Saturday. I have planned every thing nicely but out of a sudden, this financial problem popped out. I am so sick. I really do not know what else to do. If i have not gone for the Jakarta trip, i would have some cash to spare and so that was what people told me but i really have no regrets because i met a Special Someone. No regrets at all! In addition to my financial burden, i am so love sick. I miss Jakarta and i miss Special Someone very much. She asked me once how come the person that we love always go away from us. She was hinting about her failed love life and the death of her beloved dad. I told her that when we love someone, sometime we have to let him or her go. By letting him or her go, that's love. You may love that person but if you guys were not meant to be together, then you have to let go. That's also called love. Just be happy for him or her. She is so nice. Very humble. Sweet and pretty. Knows how to pacify and appease you. Always encouraging and motivating you. Most importantly, she always makes me smile. Is this love then? I am sure it is but we are really two worlds apart. She's in Jakarta and i am in Singapore. The only time that i will have the opportunity to speak to her on the phone is if i pass by East Coast Park. Amazingly, you can get Indonesian phone network coverages over there. Sometimes i make myself free by going there on Friday night or Sunday just to chat with her. Another problem is that she's a Roman Catholic. I do not know where our relationship will lead to but i am just hoping and praying for the best. I always mention her in my supplication. God, if something was not meant to be, why then did you cross my path with hers? I wonder..Maybe you have your reasons. You know best..I feel like crying when i look at the problem i am facing with now: financial burden, academics and love. I seriously need help. Endure Fathi. You can make it through..

* only Veronica Jeanieta Raturosari calls me Fathi in the sweetest way..*melts*

*missing you's a hell w/o you..i'll be there soon..

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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Look Who's Back

What the fuck? I have finally gotten back my internet connection. I'm back!! This time around, i'll be more critical and my blog will be more juicy. I will not spare PAP. Aight!!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Divine Message?

I was waiting for the bus 960 near Bugis Junction just now when i decided to have a quick puff. Just as i was about to light my fag, a Sikh guy advanced towards me. I took my first puff whilst listening to his speech. He greeted me with a smile and then he asked me a very sensitive question. He asked,'you haven't been praying right?' I was stunned and didn't know what to say. I told him that i do miss some of my prayers. He then asked,'you've been forgetting god?' I said yes, at times. I know i haven't been a good Muslim who performs his 5 prayers a day but hey, i try to minimise on skipping my prayers. The Sikh guy was dressed in his Sunday best. He have a chiseled face and he looks smart. He introduced himself after asking me those two questions. I can't remember his name but he did mention that he is from India. I can't help looking at his gold necklace. There's a word 'Joti' on his necklace. That Sikh guy told me that i have an actor-kind-of look and my build is big and muscular. He even mentioned to me that i will be promoted soon and that i will fall in love with a girl who i truly like. I was like 'what-the-fuck'. Haha. I just listened to him until he decided to move on. Before he took his leave, he offered a hand shake and willingly i shook his hand. He told me to never forget to pray. Finally we said our good byes. Hmmm..could be intoxicated? Haha. But who gets drunk in the afternoon and worst still at Bugis Junction? I just smiled to myself. Could he be someone God send to send me a message? I don't know but i believe it might be true. Whatever it is, i will strive to be a better Muslim and a better human being. i wish the part about me falling in love could come true. Muahaha. God knows best.

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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

In Memory Of Chris Benoit (1967-2007)

Christopher Michael Benoit

I was in a state of shock when the newscaster from Suria announced that Chris Benoit a.k.a The Crippler was found dead in his home. Benoit was found dead in his home in Fayetteville, Georgia, along with his wife, Nancy Daus, and his 7-year old son, Daniel on 25th June 2007. According to the Fayette County, Ga. Sheriff's Office, the deaths of Chris Benoit, his wife Nancy and their son Daniel Monday were the result of a double murder-suicide from within the home. I still can not believe it. My gosh! My do most good people have to die early? Why can't scums of this Earth die first? This is unfair but hey, who says life is fair? I've lost two Chris-es already; Christopher Michael Benoit and Christopher Tulsidas. Sigh. I got my nickname from Chris himself. CRIPPLER. I first had a glimpse of Benoit during one of the episodes in Raw Is War. The 4 Radicals, Chris Benoit, Dean Malenko, Perry Saturn and Eddie Guererro, invaded Raw and that was the first time i witnessed the Crippler Crossface, one of Benoit's finishing moves, and instantly fell in love with it and Benoit. Love at first sight i guess. Well, i seriously think it is not fair for good people to go first. Scums deserve to die earlier. Yeah you scum! You know who you are. However, God knows best. He does. Because of Benoit, i'm Crippler. I'm King Crippler. We will be missing him and his family dearly. All the best my idol and God bless you!

Christopher Michael Benoit

Ring name(s)
- Chris Benoit
- Pegasus Kid
- Wild Pegasus

Billed height: 5 ft. 11 in. (180 cm)
Billed weight: 234 lb. (106 kg)
Born: May 21st, 1967, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Died: June 25, 2007 (aged 40), Fayetteville, Georgia[1]
Billed from: Edmonton, Alberta, Atlanta, Georgia
Trained by: Stu Hart, New Japan Dojo
Debut: November 22, 1985

Here's a video tribute to Chris Benoit...

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Are You A Singaporean?

Top 10 Items To Own That Makes You A Singaporean

10) An audio file of Mai Hum by Lee Hsien Loong (orchestrated by Mr Brown)
One of our own production. Since the government preaches creativity, then we should all be creative. We should be proud of Mr Brown. Mee siam with cockles anyone?

9) BCG Injection Scar
Should Malaysia or Indonesia want to annihilate Singaporeans, it will be an easy job for them. Kill those with BCG injection scar on their left arm. Hmm, if you see some weirdos in other countries, roll up their left sleeves to double-check whether they are Singaporeans.

8) E.R.P Gadget (inclusive of cash card)
This is our so called key to the Heaven's door. Without this, your vehicle can go no where. We we past the gantry, the gadget will *beep*. We pay tons of money on this shit and yet the number of cars in Singapore still increases and so too does the traffic jam. *Beep* you! What a policy!

7) A Cell Phone / Handphone
Even primary school students are owning a set of their own. Soon, with the greying population gone, every one in Singapore will know how to use a handphone and most importantly, every one of us will own one set each in the future. The next thing you know, Singapore will have our own local handphone manufacturer.

6) A Certificate From NUS
This is a must have paper as NUS is deemed to be the best in Asia and one of the finest in the world. With it, you can go any where and soar to greater heights and so you think! Even with this paper, not all can enter Mecca and North Korea. So what did i tell you about complacency?

5) 21 years of age
If you are not 21, then you are not yet a Singaporean. You see, at the age of 18, you will be given a rifle or pistol during NS, a weapon that can change your life as well as the lives of those around you. Holding a weapon is not a game, it is about life and death situation. However, even though you are allowed to hold a weapon at that age, you are still deprived of suffrage. Up till now, i still do not understand why we can't vote at 18. If we are deemed not mature and responsible enough to vote at the age of 18, why then are we allowed to hold weapons?

4) HDB flat
This is a basic necessity. This provides us shelter from falling tree branches.

3) Cash (includes credit)
Without cash, you cannot accomplish your obligations like shopping, playing lottery and most importantly, pay fines and taxes.

2) A Car
This is a must have item. It doesn't matter if you can't afford it. It is compulsory to get one. You can always pay instalment. Maintainance and petrol fees can be taken from your meal allowance. It doesn't matter if your children do not eat because as long as you have a car, every thing will be fine.

1) A Pink I/C
This item is our prized posession. Without it, you can call youself a slave. So you think slavery has been abolished? Think again! O.R.D oh!

Top 10 Ways To Spot Singaporean(s)

10) If you see him pushing his girl friend down the train track
- He must be a Singaporean scholar; high in IQ but low in EQ. Let us not be too cocky. It's okay to be humble at times. Haha. I pity them. A victim of their own success.

9) Speaking a strange language
- If you are talking with someone who claims that he or she speaks English but you do not understand them at all, most probably he or she is a Singaporean. Singapore's Integrated Resorts (IR) will close down after 2 years of operation because they will make a heavy loss in gaming. Dealers will ask the foreign visitors,'dew or no dew?' I bet even Borat don't understand that.

8) If you see someone wearing a kebaya in European countries
- She must be a Singaporean air stewardess. But not practical bitch! It's so cold in most European countries.

7) If you see someone driving a luxurious car, according to Malaysian standards, into Malaysia
- A Honda Civic or Toyota Camry is considered a luxury car. On the other hand, a Subaru WRX or Mitsubishi Evo Lancer is considered a white elephant. Drive at your own risk.

6) If someone tilts one's car side-way whilst pumping petrol in one of Johor Bahru's petrol kiosk
- Never ask how many dollars the petrol cost. This shows you are arrogant. It's Ringgit dude.

5) If someone walks at a break neck speed from point A to point B for no apparent reason especially in Orhard Road
- Time and tide wait for no man they asserted.

4) If you see someone squatting on a toilet bowl seat
- And so they thought the higher your ass is, the more gravitational pull there will be and the easier the shit will be excreted.

3) If you spot him punching a bus driver in the face
- So gentleman. He would do anything for his girl friend. Aww, so sweet!

2) If you spot them in a long queue leading to a free buffet lunch
- Remember the car that they bought? Yeap, they can't afford to pay for their lunch. In addition to that, they are cheap-skates!

1) If someone bargains at a sale
- A money well spent. That's what they say, 'value for money'.

This has nothing to do with the dead or alive. The statements made above are just my notions and i have no intention to offend any one or any thing. Siapa makan lada dia yang rasa pedas! (*translation* Only those who eat chilli will feel the spiciness). Learn to appreciate jokes. You are too tensed up. Chill!

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Haha. Hi! It has been a while isn't it since i last wrote an entry? Well, things have been bad for me recently. I overextended my knee ligament previously and whilst amidst recuperation, i almost broke my ankle. My former college mates formed a team to compete in the NUS Soccer Challenge organised by the Muslim Society of NUS. I couldn't play that well because i was too cautious about my right ankle. I almost snapped my ankle in our final match. I was chasing an opponent from his behind and decided to toe poke the ball away from him but i accidentally stepped on his trailing left leg and i landed badly on my left ankle. Imagine 900N of force landing on that ankle. Youch! The only thing i remembered vividly was that i was on the floor clutching my ankle in sheer pain. I was brought out of the court by the two referees from NUS. The president of the NUS Muslim Society came to me and he asked me a rhetorical question. He asked whether i was fine. Like what the hell! I was yelling in pain and he have the cheek to ask me such a question. He knelt down and tried to take my left shoes off by yanking it out. What the fuck?! Haha. He almost amputated my left foot. I went to Tan Tock Seng hospital the next day for a medical check-up and luckily there was not any fracture on my ankle. It's ligament damage. My whole left foot is bloated and you can see shades of blue near the ankle. Blood clot i guess. I am resting good and i hope this injury will be over and done with in the shortest time. Well, i am going to miss this year rugby's league. Damn. Why do i always get injuries at the wrong time? Haha. I think i have to sit out on this year's league. Maybe i am just too lousy in team sports. Maybe i should concentrate on individual sports like martial arts, badminton or etc. Haha. So many injuries but luckily my body can withstand it. I must be extra careful from now on. Oh yeah, i have 5 days MC and i will only return to work this Friday. Haha. But i do not know how to occupy my time. This is what i have been doing; R.I.C.E (Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation). Haha. Anyway, i am left with 2 months and 29 days to O.R.D. Haha. Yahoo. I hope i can find work as soon as i O.R.D. I have 10 months to work after O.R.D before univeristy semester starts, if only i have a place in a university that is. Haha. I was rejected by NUS, NTU and SMU. My first choice for NUS was Arts and Social Science but still i could not get a place in that faculty. They say it is Dragon Year babies and i tell them bullshit. Any backup plan? Yes there are. I have the final opportunity to re-apply for NUS, NTU and SMU next year. In addition to that, i will also apply for SIM university. If i still do not have a place in any local university, i will apply for Monash University in Malaysia. That is my last resort. I know it is not easy to get into Business Management course in the local universities but that is what i love to do. I do not want to get into a course which i have no interest in and regret later. Some of my friends managed to get into a course in university in which they have no interest in. Okay, you may have a place in NUS or NTU but tell me what you are going to do after you graduate? Will you be doing a job that you love? I do not want to do something which i do not like and i have enough of repeating those mistakes. This time around, i am going to do something which i love. Even if i do not get a place in prestigious universities like NUS, NTU or SMU, i do not mind at all. If SIM can offer me a business management course, then i will accept it without regrets. But one thing is for sure, i'm going to let all those who rejected me eat their fucking words at the end of the day. If you are going to give a reject letter, might as well make it short and sweet. You do not have to elaborate it like as if i am not fully aware of what is happening. They Shunned Me & Forever They'll Regret coz Im Special,Im AHMAD FATHI...

Saturday, May 12, 2007

But For How Long?

Damn! I'm down with an injury again. This time, i twisted my knee real bad. We were having a rugby training on defending, crashing and tackling. Every thing went smooth initially until Asrul tackled this guy and both of them landed on my knee whilst i was getting my way back to the defence line. I am always unlucky with every thing i do and i do not know why. They landed on me and my knee bended backwards in an akward and unnatural position. It could have folded into two if not for me getting it out of their fall. Nevertheless, i still twisted my knee. I think i will be out of training for at least a month. I can not even walk properly in the present moment. How? Haha. Damn. The injury hurts like hell. I think i will go for a medical check up on Monday. I planned to clear my last bike practical this month after my pay day but because of this injury, i think i will have to postpone it. Shit. The worst part of this mishap is not about the bike practical but about not being able to train for the upcoming Rugby Championship that will commence this July. Damn it. Even if i can recuperate in time, i will be in no shape to compete. Firstly, i will be unfit and i am not even conditioned properly yet. I hope this injury is nothing serious. This week has been a slacking week for me. Basically, after i have finished doing my work in the office, i will be glued to my screen surfing the net. I will spend the time reading on interesting things. I realised something interesting. There are so many things in this world that i do not know even though i read a lot. Interesting huh? Haha. I frequent Wikipedia. That site is damn interesting. Other than Wikipedia, i will constantly visit Friendster. Haha. Do not ask me why. Haha. Anyway, ORD is 3 months and 24 days away and it feels like forever. I will have to find work fast after ORD and i have 10 months or so to work before university semester starts, that is if i get a place in a university. Talking about university, i have yet to receive any letters of acceptance or rejection from any universities. What is taking them so long? I got rejected by NTU and NUS last year. Damn. I hope i can get a place soon. Worst comes to worst, i will have to study overseas if my dad is willing to fork out a huge some of money for me. I hope so. Hmm, my new colleague, Imran, told me about his trip to Amsterdam and it sounded interesting. I really want to visit Europe some day but i could not possibly visit all European countries. My aim is to visit Paris, Madrid and Amsterdam. I will do this a month before university semester starts in August 2008. Well, like i said earlier, humans can only plan but it is Him who decides. Yes. I watched Braveheart just now and i was really amazed by William Wallace's courage. Does all Singaporean have courage? Nah, i do not think so. Only a few have have courage. Most of us will leave this country should any pandemic or pandemonium hit us. Just look at the youth now. They are very materialistic, too pampered and weak. I admit i am weak in some aspects too but i do not like to be a coward. Wallace said that people always have this mentality, 'live today and fight another day'. However, he counterd that by saying that yes, we might live today, but what about tomorrow. The problem that we might face will never leave us unless we annihilate it. This is so true. If you hit your enemy with 50% of your strength and retreat after that whilst having in your mind that you need to recuperate to fight for another day, then your enemy will have the opportunity to do the same thing. The lesson behind this is not to be a coward. But what do i see? I still witness a lot of stupid things done by Singaporeans. Do you have to suck up to your boss? Do you have to squat on the sitting toilet bowl? Do you still have to smoke at a bus stop? Do you still have to fight in queues? Do you need to oppress the people by depriving them their freedom of speech? Most importantly, do you have to be a racist in this multi-cultural country during modern epoch? I think our education system is a failure and we are victims of our own success. We see injustice but we do nothing about it. We see failure but we do nothing to rectify it. All we Singaporeans know best it to complain and make a big ruckus. What the fuck? F1 is coming to Singapore but are we ready to accept tourists here? The project on making posters of thousands of Singaporeans smiling just before the World Bank meeting was bullshit. This is just another way how the honchos of our country cover up our stupidity and shortcomings. Do we actually smile upon meeting strangers? Honestly, do we? Hell no. Think about it. We are so advanced in our technology and economy but we are still backwards in our manners, etiquettes and paradigm. How are we going to match Paris, New York, Barcelona and London with our standard? So who do you blame for these failures? Think about it...

"Fight today and you will die.
Retreat today and you will live
But for how long?
In the end all will still be unwell".

- Ahmad Fathi bin Mansor

Monday, April 23, 2007

Attack Of The Karaoke

Police Rugby team had a friendly match against Singapore Cricket Club (SCC) Rugby Team at Old Police Academy last Saturday. It was a good exposure for the Police Rugby team even though we lost marginally. Basically, the SCC was full of gigantic caucasians. Almost three-quarter of the team consisted of caucasian. However, me managed to hold them back. For the first 15 minutes, the game was even. They were bashing through at us but our fort was magnificient. We tackled them hard. In the final quarter, they ran out of gas and it was our time to take control of the game. From what i see, we were in their half for most of the 4 quarters. Not bad for a local rugby team consisted of youngsters. Eventuall we lost. They scored 4 tries and we managed to get 2. The Caucasians thought they could bully us with their big sizes but they are damn wrong. We may lack in size but we offset our small sizes with superb and hard tackles. Police rugby is known for that. In the end, it is the caucasians who ended the match with so many bruises and red faces. Muahaha. Actually they are not that good. We Asians like to think highly of them. They are actually nothing. Like Cik Amran said,'the caucasians are nothing. If you step on them, the liquid that ooze out is still red and not blue in colour. They are humans just like us. Do not give them too much respect but at the same time do not disrespect them too'. Now i am a stiff neck. When ever i want to look to the right, instead of just moving my head to that direction, i have to move my whole body. Haha. Anyway, my department had our re-treat today at NSRCC which is located near East Coast Park. It was damn fun except for the stupid and boring discussion we had. We have to discuss our work plan for Financial Year 2007. After the discussion period was over, we were given 3 activities to participate in. First, there is golf but only Senior Officers can participate in this activity. Second, there is bowling and lastly, there is karaoke session. I opted for karaoke session and i was joined by my supervisor, AD Policy and 3 aunties who are civilian officers in my department. AD Policy could sing well but it was my supervisor who stole the limelight. To be honest, this is my second karaoke session but this session was the first time i sang. I am a bad singer i tell you. Haha. We sang couple of songs from the 60s, 70s and 80s. AD Policy was surprised with the songs that i chose. I prefer oldies to modern pop songs. I sang 'The Young Ones by Cliff Richard', 'I don't Wanna Miss A Thing by Aerosmith', 'American Pie' and many more old songs. Haha. Miss Loke is not a bad singer. She sang some classic mandarin love songs. Haha. I really admire people who can sing and i am jealous of them too. Dang. Why do i not have a nice voice? Can someone be my voice coach? Well, since i can not sing well, i will leave the singing to the singer. Hmm, maybe i can write songs. Well, the rest is history man! Haha. I failed my last bike practical. This time, i will not blame BBDC. Haha. It was hilarious as to how i failed that practical. I wobbled my way through and i got 42 demerit points. Muahaha. Ok ok. I will pass next time, God-willing! Below are some clips i took from the karaoke session.

I took this clip whilst singing the song, 'I Don't Wanna Miss A Thing' by Aerosmith. My voice sux! Haha. There, i told you i need a voice or vocal coach. Haha.

I love dangdut. I sang this song with ASP Zul. Haha.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

When The Pen Moves, Heads Will Roll

Dang. I am in deep shit. Firstly, my department did not meet the 80 hours training hours target as one of my officers only clocked in 77 hours. Secondly, one of my officer's appeal to be exempted from BSC IPPT return calculation has been rejected. Thus, my department also did not meet the BSC IPPT target of 83.7% passing rate. Our overall BSC will be affected and we will not get an A grade. This means not much money for our department's overseas trip. That is beside the point. The point is my director will reprimand my Assistant Director (AD) and my AD will pass the blame to me. Firstly, i have to admit that i made a mistake for not checking the training hours in TRAISI thorougly. I missed out on the Elementary Bahasa Melayu course attended by one of my officer. However, it is not totally my mistake.One of the co-ordinator called me to inform that one of my officer lack of 3 hours of training hours. The target hours is 80 but she clocked in only 77 hours. However, my department's training hours stated that she had done 109 training hours. The difference is 32 hours and thus, this 32 training hours is the Elementary Bahasa Melayu course. I asked her why is the above-mentioned course not reflected in one of my officer's TRAISI account. Furthermore, that course is an IPAM course and thus it should be keyed in by the course provider. I was told that the course provider is People Development (PD) Department and they had technical trouble keying in the training hours for officers who have attended the above-mentioned course. The training co-ordinator asked me as to why i did not call the course provider but i told her i have tried calling the guy since last year but nobody answered my call. I told her that Edward was in-charge of the course but to my surprise, that training co-ordinator told me that the guy have ORD-ed. This is all crap i tell you. I have triend to call CSC mainline several times but no one answered my call too. I tell you what. Some people really do not know how to skive. Most Singaporeans are damn stupid when comes to skiving at work. It is okay to skive but you must make sure you have completed your urgent tasks first. Anyway, it is also a good desk etiquette to answer phone calls within the fastest timing. Some people really do not know how to skive and yet they always love to 'act busy'. Fuckers!! In the end, i will be the one who will be screwed tomorrow. That is why i said i am in deep shit. Like some great guru would say, that's you ASP Ravi, haha, when the pen moves, heads will roll. My certificate of service (COS) will be affected but hey, i do not give a damn about my COS. I dare spit on my COS infront of my bosses. Here we are working our wits out and yet there are those who only knows how to 'carry balls' or 'boot lick'. These are fuckers too i tell you. If i ever chance upon them after i ORD, i will spit on their faces! Erghh! I am not stressed out by the problem of getting screwed by my director but it is just that it will not be fair for them to blame me. Ok, let's see what will happen tomorrow. Haha. Somehow, i miss chatting and crapping with that someone. Haha. 19 more days before i can chat with her again. I am a man of my words and i am not like my friends who give 'Malay Promises'. Haha. Ok ok, i am damn tired now because i have just finished rugby training. Aight, take care! 19 more days..19... :p

Sunday, April 15, 2007

King Crippler: The Next Famous Internet Superstar

It has been a while since i last submit any entries for my blog. I went to Kuala Lumpur last 2 weeks, 6th April 2007, to have a friendly rugby match with Negeri Sembilan Wanderers at Pulapo (Pusat Latihan Polis) Malaysia. Pulapo is equivalent to Police Academy of Singapore, which is now part of Home Team Academy. We embarked on our journey from Old Police Academy at about eight in the morning and it took us around 8 hours to reach Pulapo. We had only one stop and that was at Yong Peng. It was my first time visiting modern Kuala Lumpur. Haha. From what i know, my last visit of KL before this friendly match was in early 1990s. Hell, i can not even remember when i last visited KL. Haha. Pulapo is a very old academy and i do not understand why the Malaysian government can not afford to upgrade the sorry academy. This is Malaysian politics and i do not wish to dwell into it. Politic is dirty i tell you. When you get a group of Malays together to govern something, things will never go right. History have proven this time and time again. Look at the Temenggong's selfishness when he sold Singapore to the British in 1800s. Look at Mahathir when he accused and wrongly punished Anuar Ibrahim of sodomy. Lastly, look at Indonesia now. I do not wish to elaborate. Being a Malay myself, i do not understand why it has to be this way. Why my race always have to be the one in the front page of a newspaper in a negative way (etc Nonoi murder, drug problems of the Malays..) Why when you go to Orchard and you will witness of a lot of misguided Malay youths. Well, this is some thing for us to ponder. Is there some thing wrong with the Malay leaders here? Is there some thing wrong with the Malay parents here? Well, what is the fucking wrong with us (the Singaporean Malays)? Ok, let's not digress any more. Haha. Like i said, Pulapo is damn old. When we reached Pulapo, we were lead to the field straight away. We quickly changed into our rugby gears and did our warm-up. Then the match started. We played 4 quarters, 20 minutes for each quarter. We played very well in the first quarter and our forwards dictate the pace of the game. We commanded the game very well. 2nd quarter was dominated by the oppositions and their backs dominated in that quarter. They scored a lot through their fly-half. I swear most of their backs are Sevens players. They are damn good as compared to our backs. I played in the 2nd and 3rd quarter and it was damn tiring. I did not contribute much do. There is still much for me to do in my scrummage. I was the weakest link in scrummage. I do not know why i can not anchor my studs into the field to hold on to the scrummage. I still need to work on my leg power. Haha. There was this moment when one of the opponents' back kicked the ball to us and i was the only player there. I picked the ball, ran straight and whilst running, i saw one of the opponent checking me and getting ready to tackle. I went closer to him head on and right at the last moment, i lift my right leg across my body, like as if i was going to change my direction. Now, my right leg is at the right side of the opponent. He committed and rightly after that, i did a 360 degrees spin to my right and managed to go through him. I imitated one of the All Blacks players, Joe Rokochoko. After the spin, i kept running and i saw an opponent coming from my left. I sidestepped and managed to evade his takcle. I saw another opponent from my left again but i can only manage to crash unto him this time around. I drove with the ball for a few metres and quickly deck to the ground thereafter. Haha, i managed to execute the 360 degrees spin twice. Once against SAJC and the other against NS Wanderers. After the match, we packed our stuff, getting ready to head back to Singapore. I thought we would be back in Singapore that night itself at about 11pm or so but we reached here eventually on Saturday morning at around 2am. Haha. I promised someone that i would be the first one to wish her happy birthday but because i reached Singapore at about 2am on Saturday morning, i did not have the chance to be the first to wish her. This is partly because i have no network coverage in Johor. Dang. As promised, i have to refrain from chatting or talking with her for one month. Damn! I have to bite my own fingers now all because of Rugby. Nevertheless, i sent her a sms at 3am. Haha. Recently, there was a debate about the government's pay increment. Lee Hsien Leong said that he will donate his increment to charity and i tell you what, that is all bull-shit. Political stunt. He can survive well in Singapore even without the increment. In addition to that, his wife is the owner of Temasek Holdings. So do not tell us cock and bull story by saying that you would donate that pay increment of yours to the charity. The pay increment is not justifiable. I will tell you why. Firstly, S$10,000 a month is more than enough of a salary to survive well in Singapore. I assure you that you are well-to-do person in Singapore even if you are earning at S$5,000 to S$7,000 a month. So what is the increment for? They say it is the way to ensure that Singapore has top services from people who have high skills and qualifications. This is the way to keep those talented leaders from leaving the government bodies so that they can work at private sectors. I tell you what! If you are not happy with the 'low pay', you can leave the government and there are others who are talented and willingly want serve the country well even at that pay. Secondly, if you are patriotic about serving Singapore, do not make money an issue. Anyway, like i said, S$5,000 to S$7,000 a month is enough. Other than that, they say that the pay increment is to prevent corruption but do not they read history book? Even top earners practice corruption. Look around! This is human tendency. When we get something, we would surely want more. Humans are greedy in nature. This is normal. Just look at the self-proclaimed post; the Minister Mentor. This is my notion: i sincerely think Senior Prime Minister is enough to be a mentor to Prime Minister. Millions of dollars can be injected into the economy if we can divert that pay increment money. I think it is fine if the government wants to increase the pay of MPs, ministers etc but i do not think it is justifiable if they increase it wildly. Look at the percentage increment. It is massive. Too much. Yes, they deserve pay increment because of their devoted services that they rendered for Singapore. However, the pay increment figures are not justifiable. We pay more income tax and other taxes just for them to haphazardly increase their wages in a massive volume? No way! Well, these are just my opinions. Correct me if i am wrong. Well, enough about politics. Didn't i tell you it is dirty? Haha. Anyway, i'm left with 4 months and 22 days to ORD. Yahoo. Haha. I can not wait for ORD. A free man at last. Haha. How's my life then? Nah, nothing much have been happening. My life is so pedestrial. Nothing interesting. I will be on leave tomorrow. Ahh, my bike practical will be tomorrow and it will be my 4th attempt on u-turn. Fucking BBDC! I do not understand why i keep failing. Just two more practicals God! Please please please! Well, you guys have to wait for tomorrow to check whether i've passed my practical on u-turn. Haha. Hmm, Vh1 recently came out with this 'Top 40 Most Famous Internet Superstar' and the people who made it to the list are cool. I admire their creativity. They became famous for their creativity. Kudos! Below is one of the internet superstar who amuses me very much. He can kick Michael Jackson's buttocks any time of the day! Haha. Enjoy the clip! Take care...

Check out his moves. His face expression is damn good. Haha. I shall call him Mamak Jackson.

Check out his fight move too. Even better than Tyson. I shall call him Mamak Tyson.

Check out his another fight move. See how he kicks the big urn. Even better than Carrick. I shall call him Mamak Carrick.

A grown up Lil' Superstar. See, never discount people just because of their imparity. He's all grown up now and making it big in life as a dance instructor.

Quote from KC: Sometimes in life, it's not totally about being loved but more to loving.